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Pregnancy and Parenthood

Heaven or Hell

Pregnancy and Parenthood: Heaven or Hell is not about babies.  It is about mothers.  It describes how mothers react to the experience of becoming a parent, from the time of conception, through pregnancy and birth, and during their first year of parenthood.  It was written for mothers and promotes a family-centered approach to care. It has been published in multiple English language editions and translated into German (two editions), Russian (two editions), and Latvian. Pregnancy and Parenthood was also adopted and distributed by WHO and Unicef for many of their Perinatal Health training programs across the former Soviet Union.

The English editions of Pregnancy and Parenthood is currently out of print, but if you are looking for the book, please contact Bev. Russian editions are also available from Bev.


“This is an exceptional book, a special gift … a remarkable appreciation of the psychological reactions of mothers, fathers and siblings … I recommend this book with enthusiasm as preparation for parenthood, and then for frequent reference, to help mothers and fathers understand the complex changes in their feelings and attitudes …” (Prof. John Kennell, (Dept. of Paediatrics, Rainbow Babies’ and Children’s Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio).

“This is about the best book written so far for those about to launch forth on the relatively unchartered waters of parenthood … of equal value to professionals and the lay public … She writes about the problems faced by all new parents which never seem to find their way into textbooks … Highly recommended” (South African Medical Journal).

“Here’s the perfect handbook for anyone who just doesn’t match up to the super-mum image – Beverley Chalmers offers much-needed reassurance that it’s OK to be human and that there’s no perfect pattern for the perfect mother” (June Vigor, Editor: Living and Loving).

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